“The Young Family”

Patricia Piccinini, “The Young Family.” 2002-2003. Mixed media.

If today’s artwork doesn’t creep you out – it should. Australian artist Patricia Piccinini engages her audience with controversial subject matter. Here we are confronted with issues of genetic modification, organ harvesting and stem cell research. This ‘animalgous’ creature is neither pig, nor human – fully that is. In a world where pig heart valves and cow parts can be used to fix us humans, our friend Piccinini doesn’t tell us we have crossed the line, she simply presents us with what the other side of that line might look like. To me it’s just like the issue of knowing where are food really comes from: do we know the consequences of our advancements? Are we willing to deal with every possible outcome? (Original post to Instagram October 27, 2012.)


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