“Mulberry Tree”

Vincent Van Gogh, “Mulberry Tree,” 1889. Oil on canvas.

Something pretty today! The first time I ever saw this painting was when Jony and I were dating – I took him to the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena (you should ALL go!) and lost him. How do you lose a 6’7″ man in an art museum! I finally found him, standing as close as he possibly could get to this work; one of the docents hovering nervously around him. He couldn’t believe how thick the paint was – “it’s almost 3D!” Van Gogh was known for this technique – called ‘impasto’ – his paint is applied so thickly restorers have discovered some of them are still wet under the top layer! I think it makes this tree feel truly alive, sometimes I swear I see moving! (Original post to Instagram November 2, 2012.)


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