“Dirty White Trash (with Gulls)”

Tim Noble and Sue Webster, “Dirty White Trash (with Gulls),” 1998. 6 months with if artists’ trash, 2 taxidermy seagulls, light projector.

I just happened to stumble across these two artists collaborative work and I’ve gotta say – wow! Is it irreverent: yes, is it of questionable content and politics: probably – but it’s one of the more unique and exciting works I’ve seen in a while in contemporary art. There is something to please everyone here I think. You have to appreciate the talent and originality and for those who ‘get’ that art doesn’t always have to be pretty to be beautiful, well there is something here for you too. For me – this is about self reflection, the power of perception and overcoming stereotypes – what is about for you? (Original post to Instagram October 29, 2012.)


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